If you are an individual looking to request a free Chlamydia testing kit, please visit our homepage to check your eligibility and order online.

NHS & Professionals

Fact: Many 1000s of visitors come to freetest.me every week looking for a Chlamydia test, and many are from your area. Our research has shown that around 90% of our visitors say that if they can't request a test from us, they "probably won't bother to get tested".

Preventx (the company behind Freetest.me) offer services which will help to increase your number of completed screens, both cost effectively (our service costs significantly less than the HPA/NCSP target screening price) and with no risks - simply pay for the tests and patients you gain!

Please note that the vast majority of our participating PCTs continue to run their local Chlamydia postal scheme as normal, but gain many additional screens via our service.

Activity in Your Area

Since launching the freetest.me service, we've had over 750,000 young people looking for a Chlamydia test, and many are in your area.

Simply choose your NHS trust from the dropdown list below, and we will provide specific information for your area.

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