Adam: My Story 2

A blog post by, posted on the 15th of February.

Adam: My Story (Part 2)

So – here’s the second part to my story...

After testing positive and being treated for Chlamydia, I’d learned my lesson.

I was good and safe up until I hit a bad patch of my life - family dramas, school dramas, getting into trouble... I almost lost respect for myself and didn't care much about consequences. As a result I started to sleep around, and without protection.

Looking back, there was really no excuse for not having safe sex, but my mind didn’t care. I remember the one night in particular I pulled, lucky me! I recall my mates warned me to be safe (hmm, maybe they knew something I didn’t), I ignored their advice and slept with her without a condom. Mistake.

There I was, at 18, off down to the clinic for a test. However this time was different, I was older, wiser and really, should have known better than to be in this situation again. The results – I tested positive for Chlamydia.

That day it really hit home for me, and I’ve been safe ever since. We all make mistakes but it’s how you deal with those mistakes that matters. Chlamydia is serious, spreading and silent. You can’t tell if anyone you’ve slept with has it – they’d likely not know themselves. You could have caught it from that one night stand a year ago, and be passing it on now without knowing!

And importantly, if you have it for a long time, if you are infected multiple times like I was, and don’t find and get treated it can be really serious – in fact, it’s one of the most common easily preventable cause of infertility.

So guys and girls - if in doubt – or even if not - please "SAY YES TO THE TEST". Visit now to see if you can get a quick, easy and free postal test for Chlamydia.


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