Hit With Under 25s

A blog post by, posted on the 12th of August. proving to be a massive hit with under 25s

The free online Chlamydia test is proving to be a massive hit with the under 25s.

The latest figures show 1 in 12 young people have Chlamydia, and the infection is spreading at epidemic levels. Unfortunately, Chlamydia is invisible with most people showing no symptoms. This is serious because, if left untreated Chlamydia is a leading cause of infertility for both men and women.

Although it’s recommended that sexually active under 25s get a test each time they change partner, many feel they are too embarrassed to visit their local GP or sexual health clinic. By clicking on to the website, visitors can quickly check whether they can access a free postal test in their area.

Tens of thousands of people have used the website to get tested so far - and more are joining them every day!


The service offers free chlamydia testing and HIV testing in participating regions. Simply visit to see if you're eligible to order a free STI test kit.

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