Ten Things About Condoms

A blog post by Freetest.me, posted on the 31st of October.

Ten Things You Might Not Know About Condoms

This week's blog post is all about – wait for it – condoms!

Here at Freetest.me we're definitely pro-condom. When they're used correctly they prevent both STIs – such as chlamydia - and unplanned pregnancies, what's not to love?

We didn't want to bring you yet another post about condoms telling you to remember to check the date on them or not to use two at once. Of course all of that is still important, and you should remember to do all those things, but we thought some interesting condom facts might give you a bit more to talk about.

  1. 1) A whopping 5 billion condoms are used around the world every year.
  2. 2) During the Second World War soldiers used condoms to cover their rifle barrels to protect them from salt water.
  3. 3) The average condom can hold a gallon of liquid.
  4. 4) Most condoms now are made out of latex, but in the past they used to be made of linen, leather, silk and even fish skin.
  5. 5) Ireland is one of the most expensive places to buy condoms.
  6. 6) While Shanghai is one of the cheapest.
  7. 7) There's actually a place in France called Condom which has its own line of luxury préservatifs called The Original Condom.
  8. 8) The Danish word for condom is svangerskabsforebyggendemiddel.
  9. 9) In Nigerian it's known as an okpuamu, which can also be translated as 'penis hat'
  10. 10) There's no documented medical reason that a person can’t use a condom. Modern condoms come in all shapes, sizes and materials, so there's something for everyone - no excuses!

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