Your University’s Sexual Health Report

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How’s Your University’s Sexual Health Report Card?

When you’re picking a university to apply to, you want to make sure you’re going to get your money’s worth every year. A lot is down to academic performance, but should you be looking for more than just a good track record for grades?

No doubt a lot of your time at university will be spent in lectures, cramming for exams and agonising over word counts in the library, but you might also find yourself popping to the university doctor once in a while. A university’s ability to help you to look after your health can make all the difference to your time there.

Sexual health services are a key part of this. Is there a drop-in clinic on campus? How easy is it to find sexual health information on your university or Students’ Union’s website? Does your university hold STI testing drop in sessions? These are all questions you should be asking, and they’re all included in the Superdrug Sexual Health Report Card.

The report card lets you check up on the top 50 universities in the UK and how they perform in the sexual health service stakes. Universities were scored on nine different categories that were felt to be key service areas, from on-campus sexual health events and STI testing right to whether there’s sexual assault services available to students.

According to the research by Superdrug Online Doctor, the University of Bristol scored the highest for the sexual health services it provided for students, by using social media to get information across to its students. The University of Nottingham came second, and St. Georges, University of London third.

The website also lets you compare the report cards of two universities. If you’re still struggling to choose which university to go to, or you’re just starting out applying, this might just help you narrow it down.

Your time at university is about more than essays, exams and lectures. Make sure you know that your chosen university will be able to provide the best services to help you make the next three years unforgettable for all the right reasons.


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