Our HIV Test Kits

What will arrive?

Once you've completed the test request, your test will arrive in the mail within a few days (we send kits via 1st Class Mail).

The kits are small and discreet - the box is sent in a white plastic bag with no identifying markings or logos!

What's in the test kit?

Your kit contains all the bits you need to collect your sample and return it to our laboratory for testing.

Your kit contents may differ from that shown, because we include just parts you need for the sample you are collecting.

How do I collect my sample?

Our HIV test kits will also check for blood-borne infections such as HIV, so require a small blood sample.

Our basic kits will require either a urine sample, or a vaginal swab. Both samples are really quick, easy and painless to collect and full instructions are included.

Returning Your HIV Test

Once you've taken your sample, ensure you have completed the included form (but keep the top part - you may need it to collect your results).

Place your sample and the form back in the box and seal the box shut making sure the tabs lock tightly.

We've already paid for the postage (it's freepost), so you can simply pop the kit in your nearest postbox as soon as you can.

Getting Your Test Results

You will receive your results via the method you chose when requesting the HIV test.

You may also track your specimen and collect results any time via our tracking system.

About Freetest.me

The freetest.me service offers free chlamydia testing and HIV testing in participating regions. Simply visit freetest.me to see if you're eligible to order a free STI test kit.

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