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Posted on the 15th of February.

Adam: My Story (Part 2)

So – here’s the second part to my story. After testing positive and being treated for Chlamydia, I’d learned my lesson.

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Posted on the 1st of February.

Valentine’s Day is on the Horizon

February means Valentine’s Day is on the horizon –chocolates and flowers may be on the cards but there is a present that you definitely don’t want: chlamydia!

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Posted on the 15th of January.

Adam: My Story (Part 1)

Hi, I'm writing to share my experience...

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Posted on the 17th of November.

New Poster Designs

Check out our new poster designs, full downloads are available from our resources page. You are welcome to download, distribte and print these posters to promote the brand in your area.

A news item by Preventx Limited

Posted on the 12th of November. could save the NHS millions of pounds

New figures from the National Audit Office reveal the Chlamydia Screening Programme is not cost-effective. However, there is compelling evidence that most NHS Primary Care Trusts who are responsible for delivering the service are still failing to use the most cost effective option at their disposal.


The service offers free chlamydia testing and HIV testing in participating regions. Simply visit to see if you're eligible to order a free STI test kit.

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